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Reliable, Clean, Quiet and Powerful.

At the core of Cummins' high horsepower marine engines is the reliability and durability derived from diesel powerhouses proven in the toughest, most remote applications in the world.

Cummins' range of Quantum electronic engines for recreational propulsion delivers best-in-class power density and fuel economy along with ultra-low emissions and significantly reduced noise. Apart from developing industry-leading products, Cummins also continues to invest in its service support network so boating enthusiasts can enjoy their life on the water.

For commercial/workboat applications, Cummins offers a choice of Quantum electronic or mechanically-injected propulsion engines up to 95 litres. 

Cummins offers a complete line of propulsion, generating set and auxiliary power solutions from 6.7 to 95 litres. Cummins marine diesel engines designed specifically for a wide variety of commercial, recreational and military marine applications: 

  • Cargo ships
  • Coastguard & patrol boats
  • Dredging
  • Passenger ferries
  • Fishing
  • Recreational vessels
  • Offshore support
  • Tugs
  • Yachts

To learn more about Cummins marine engines, contact your local Cummins representative.

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Models and Ratings

Engine modelPropulsion Power BHP (kW)Auxiliary Power BHP (kW)ApplicationSpec Sheet
6BT5.9n/a104-122 hp (78-91)Commercial & Recreational4087460-Marine-6BT5.9.pdf
QSB6.7227-542 hp (169-405)164-220 hp (122-164)Commercial4986138-Marine-QSB6.7-Comm.pdf
QSB6.7227-542 hp (169-405)164-220 hp (122-164)Recreational4087455-Marine-QSB6.7-Rec.pdf
6C8.3n/a219-220 hp (163-164)Commercial & Recreational4087452-Marine-6C8.3.pdf
QSC8.3493-592 hp (368-441)n/aCommercial4986139-Marine-QSC8.3-Comm.pdf
QSC8.3493-592 hpn/aReceationalQSC8.3 brochure.pdf
QSL9290-410 hpn/aCommercial4986145-Marine-QSL9-Comm.pdf
QSL9290 - 410 hpn/aRecreationalQSL9.pdf
QSM11300-715 hp355 hp (265)CommercialQSM11 com brochure.pdf
QSM11300 - 715 hp355 hp (265)RecreationalQSM11 rec brochure.pdf
N855260-480 hp395-480 hp (295-358)Commercial & RecreationalNTNTA855 brochure.pdf
X15450-600 hp456-608 hpCommercial/RecreationalMarine_X15_Brochure.pdf
KTA19450-700 hp450-600 hp (336-447)Commercial & RecreationalKTA19 brochure.pdf
QSK19500-800 hp580 hp (433)Commercial & RecreationalQSK19 brochure.pdf
KTA38850-1500 hp850-1180 hp (634-880)Commercial & RecreationalK38 brochure.pdf
QSK381000-1400 hp1320 hp (984)Commercial & RecreationalQSK38 brochure.pdf
KTA501180-1875 hp1180-1470 hp (880-1097)Commercial & RecreationalKTA50 brochure.pdf
QSK501700-2200 hp1730 hp (1290)Commercial & RecreationalQSK50 brochure.pdf
QSK602000-2700 hp2095-2547 hp (1563-1900)Commercial & RecreationalQSK60 brochure.pdf
QSK953200-4200 hp3353 hp (2500)Commercial & RecreationalQSK95 brochure.pdf