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Better. Every Farmed Acre.

Agriculture powers our world, and Cummins powers agriculture. You'll find Cummins agricultural engines in equipment from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Our lineup of innovative diesel engines delivers reliable performance in the toughest conditions, and with our global service network, Cummins is always here when you need us.

Farmers depend on Cummins to power every kind of agricultural equipment imaginable, from tractors to self-propelled sprayers to irrigation pumps and pivot irrigators to harvesters and more. And Cummins' engine experts work closely with OEM installation engineers to ensure best possible performance in each and every piece of equipment. Built on a heritage of reliability and durability, Cummins Quantum electronic engines take owners to a whole new level of power, versatility and emissions control, while a range of mechanical engines is also offered for simplicity while delivering clean, dependable power.

To learn more about Cummins agricultural engines, contact your local Cummins representative.

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Models and Ratings

ModelHorsepower (kW)Emissions
F2.8NA46-58 hp (35-43 kW)EU 3a
F2.8T60-72 hp (46-54 kW)EU 3a
B3.375-85 hp (56-63 kW)Tier 3
QSB3.385-99 hp (63-74 kW)Tier 3
4BTA100-130 hp (74-97 kW)Tier 2
QSB4.5110-160 hp (82-119 kW)Tier 3
6BTA152-177 hp (113-132 kW)Tier 2
QSB6.7133-260 hp (99-194 kW)Tier 3
6CTA260 hp (194 kW)Tier 2
QSC245-305 hp (183-227 kW)Tier 3
QSL280-325 hp (209-242 kW)Tier 3
QSM300-400 hp (224-298 kW)Tier 3
QSX375-600 hp (279-447 kW)Tier 3
QSK19650-760 hp (484-566 kW)Tier 3
QSK23760-950 hp (567-708 kW)Tier 2