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Cummins Construction Engines

Better. Every Job Site.

Cummins construction engines power job sites around the globe, as the driving force behind equipment from some of the worlds finest manufacturers. Our construction engines are renowned for outstanding fuel efficiency and legendary uptime, giving you an edge over the competition.

Cummins' new generation of Quantum System engines offers the power you need for every type of equipment and for every environment in the world. Our engines offer a more responsive power delivery, a major reduction in noise and minimal maintenance requirements. Cummins Quantum System engines have what it takes to make equipment perform. Equipment manufacturers who want to minimise installation changes will benefit from Cummins' wide product range. Additional advantages include easier electronic integration into equipment and upgraded electronic control modules with faster processing power.

Our diverse construction engine lineup offers the flexibility to match the right power solution to your needs. From air compressors and grinders to bulldozers, excavators and more, Cummins construction engines are designed to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Cummins engines offer a number of advantages for equipment manufacturers. Our wide product range helps minimise installation changes, and proven technology promotes easier electronic integration into equipment. Upgraded electronic control modules provide faster processing power.

To learn more about Cummins construction engines, contact your local representative.

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Models and Ratings

ModelHorsepower (kW)Emissions
F2.8NA46-58 hp (35-43 kW)EU 3a
F2.8T60-72 hp (46-54 kW)EU 3a
B3.375-85 hp (56-63 kW)Tier 3
QSB3.385-99 hp (63-74 kW)Tier 3
4BTA100-130 hp (74-97 kW)Tier 2
QSB4.5110-160 hp (82-119 kW)Tier 3
6BTA152-177 hp (113-132 kW)Tier 2
QSB6.7133-260 hp (99-194 kW)Tier 3
6CTA260 hp (194 kW)Tier 2
QSC245-305 hp (183-227 kW)Tier 3
QSL280-325 hp (209-242 kW)Tier 3
QSM300-400 hp (224-298 kW)Tier 3
QSX375-600 hp (279-447 kW)Tier 3
QSK19650-760 hp (484-566 kW)Tier 3
QSK23760-950 hp (567-708 kW)Tier 2