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Cummins light commercial truck engines

Better Where It Counts. Every Delivery.

The Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market includes light commercial-use vehicles such as trucks, vans, pickup trucks, and utility vehicles. Your Cummins-powered light commercial vehicle will provide exceptional performance and low operating costs, with the reliability and durability you depend on.

These cost-effective, fuel-efficient engines are built for the high performance you need in light commercial applications. Added benefits such as low noise and low emissions are critical to the environment and to Cummins' commitment to providing the cleanest diesel engines in the world.

The ISF3.8 and the ISF2.8 are the latest evolutionary engines designed by Cummins for optimum performance in any light commercial vehicle on the road.

To learn more about Cummins light commercial truck engines, contact your local Cummins representative.

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Models and Ratings

Engine modelHorsepower (kW)Torque lb ft (Nm)EmissionsBrochure
ISF2.8107 - 148 (80 - 110)207 - 266 (280 - 360)Euro5ISF-Brochure.pdf
ISF3.8141 - 168 (105 - 125)332 - 443 (450 - 600)Euro5ISF-Brochure.pdf