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Lean-burn gas generator sets ranging from 995 kW to 2 MW provide premier performance, fuel efficiency, and low emissions for high hour peaking, prime power, combined heat and power (CHP) and waste to energy applications.

Using a lean mixture of fuel and air, this design significantly reduces combustion temperatures, which minimises the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The result is high power output with maximum thermal efficiency and minimal emissions.

Cummins can provide a turnkey solution for the most complex requirements surrounding lean-burn gas applications, from initial site planning to system design, construction and installation, through operation and maintenance.

To learn more about Cummins gas generators, please contact your generator sales specialist.

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Gas Generator Models and Ratings (394 to 2500 kVA at 50Hz)

Genset ModelContinuous kVAContinuous kWEngine Model
C315 N5C394315QSK19
C995 N5C1244995QSK60
C1160 N5C14501160QSK60
C1200 N5C15001200QSK60
C1400 N5C17501400QSK60
C1540 N5CC19251540QSK60
C1540 N5CB19251540QSV91
C1750 N5CB21881750QSV91
C2000 N5C25002000QSV91
C2000 N5CB25002000QSV91