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Cummins marine generators

Quiet, Clean and Reliable

Every major component of our marine generator sets, including the engine, alternator and control system, is either designed and manufactured or integrated by divisions of the Cummins family. This means all elements of the generator set are engineered to operate with complete system harmony for optimal performance and maximum efficiency. The best part is knowing your generator is backed by support and service from the world's largest distributor/dealer network in the industry and a comprehensive global warranty. Our product line of marine generator sets include Cummins Onan.

To learn more and get assistance, please contact your marine generator sales specialist.

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Cummins marine genset models and ratings (4 to 80 kW)

Genset ModelRating (kW)Phase
Onan MDKBH4Single phase
Onan MDKBJ6Single phase
Onan MDKDK7Single phase
Onan MDKDL7Single phase
Onan MDKBW8Single phase
Onan MDKDM9.5Single phase
Onan MDKDN11Single phase
Onan MDKDP13.5Single phase
Onan MDKDP13.53-phase
Onan MDKDR17.5Single phase
Onan MDKDR17.53-phase
Onan MDKDV19Single phase
Onan MDKDT22.5Single phase
Onan MDKDU27Single phase
Onan MDKDU273-phase
Onan MDDCW403-phase
Onan MDDCY503-phase
6B-CP C Power74-993-phase
6C-CP Power136-1703-phase
K19-CP C Power335-4603-phase
K38-CP C Power764-9203-phase
K50-CP C Power1050-12403-phase