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Publish date: 07/10/2018

Pacific Haulage was established in Gisborne on the North Island’s east coast in 1985 to service a five-year NZ Forest Service contract. Three men – Graham Manson, Mike Treloar and Calvin Paddon who had worked together in the forestry industry in the 1970s as diesel mechanics – joined forces to establish the business with, as Treloar puts it, “very second-hand trucks”. When Graham Manson exited the company in 2000, Warwick Wilshier – owner of Rotorua-based Williams & Wilshier – bought into Pacific Haulage with a one-third share.

Publish date: 07/10/2018

New Zealand company J Swap Contractors is a thriving family-run business with hundreds of pieces of equipment, including 200 trucks. J Swap Contractors is a time-honoured New Zealand family company that operates more than 1000 pieces of equipment, including 200 trucks, over its five business divisions - transport, aggregates, civil construction, stockfood and bulk storage.

Publish date: 07/10/2018

The largest articulated pick-and-carry crane in the world with its lifting capacity of 55 tonnes, has been developed by Perth-based DRA Engineering. The Cummins-powered 55-tonner is a further development of DRA’s Australian designed and manufactured Humma range which started with an 18-tonne lift capacity model in 1996. “We’ve broken new ground,” says Peter Dalla Riva (Jnr), manager of DRA’s crane and engineering division, noting that the new Humma 55T had been three years in development.

Publish date: 07/06/2018

Ricky Grace, former American-Australian professional basketball player, established the Girls Academy in Australia in 2004 with the simple but powerful motto: ‘Develop a girl, change a community’. Cummins is now supporting Grace’s significantly expanding Girls Academy as part of its Cummins Powers Women initiative, investing more than $10 million globally in a range of effective programs aimed at finding solutions to gender inequality in our communities.

Publish date: 06/20/2018

When Warwick Wilshier bought a second-hand White Road Boss to go logging as an owner-driver in 1982, he wasn’t exactly planning to build the business that today is one of the stand-out names in New Zealand’s timber industry. Williams & Wilshier – Garry Williams is no longer a partner in the Rotoruabased business – operates 68 company log trucks while also having 20 fulltime owner-drivers. Warwick also has a third share in Gisborne-based Pacific Haulage which has 40 units in logging on the North Island’s east coast.