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Publish date: 06/20/2018

British brand Dennis Eagle has been making steady progress in the local waste collection market. Claims that the truck has been tailored specifically to Australia’s severe service requirements seem well justified. Cummins’ ISLe5 rated at 280 hp is the standard engine offering in the 4x2 and 6x4 versions of the Dennis Eagle, while the 8x4 is offered at 320 hp. Dennis Eagle is being handled by Penske Commercial Vehicles group in Australia which is also responsible for the Western Star and MAN brands.

Publish date: 06/20/2018

Victorian spray equipment manufacturer Goldacres has celebrated its 40th anniversary with an expo at its Ballarat factory – a significant event to mark the success of an Australian family company beating the imports and helping farmers do their job more efficiently with equipment noted for its reliability, quality and innovation. In 1996 Cummins became involved in the development of Goldacres’ first self-propelled Crop Cruiser sprayer that was eventually unveiled in 1999 sporting a Cummins 5.9-litre 6BTA engine producing 177 hp.

Publish date: 06/20/2018

"We operate in a fiercely competitive global business and we will be run down by our competition if we don’t stay ahead of the innovation curve.” These unambiguous words from Chris Salisbury, chief executive of Rio Tinto’s iron ore business, focus precisely on the mining giant’s strategy – a relentless drive for improved productivity, with innovation and technology at the core.

Publish date: 06/20/2018

When Rio Tinto looked to improve life-to-overhaul of the Cummins QSK60 engine powering its Komatsu WA1200-6 loaders, oil filtration efficiency emerged as the key. Rio Tinto has nine 220-tonne, 1892 hp WA1200-6 loaders operating in its vast iron ore operations in the Pilbara, Western Australia. A world-first WA1200-6 is working at the Mesa J mine in Rio Tinto’s Robe Valley Operations – the first equipped with an engine-mounted Cummins Eliminator oil filtration system that replaced the engine’s standard remote mounted four spin-on filters.

Publish date: 06/13/2018

The rise of Cummins – 100 years old in February 2019 – from a tiny machine shop in Columbus, Indiana, USA, to a global power leader is a story rich in drama, a story of trials and triumphs. Cummins Engine Co was founded on February 3, 1919, with W.G. Irwin, a banker, supplying the starting capital. Irwin had hired Clessie Cummins in 1908 to drive and maintain his car and later set him up in business as an auto mechanic.