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Cummins has changed its approved oil policy and oil registration process. The new process was developed to provide a comprehensive list of oils meeting Cummins Engineering Standards globally. Cummins felt changes and improvements were necessary, including increased scrutiny of the engine oils submitted for approval to better ensure overall quality, control and administration of the program. Cummins’ ultimate goal with this new registration process is to ensure our engine customers will be able to obtain approved fluids for their engines.

Because lubricants play a vital role in ensuring engine performance and engine protection, Cummins has recently restructured its oil registration process to secure the highest quality standards for lubricants used in Cummins engines.

What is changing?

  • The new process will apply to all products globally and will include reapplying for oil approval (registrations) based on the date of an original oil approval.
    • All approvals dated January 1, 2013 or later are valid until January 1, 2016
    • Approvals prior to January 1, 2013 are invalid
  • All oils currently registered will have to be re-registered. This re-registration process is being implemented to accommodate the changes in the process and to eliminate oils that are sub-standard or no longer in the market.
  • Cummins is placing increased scrutiny on the data companies are providing for support of product approval and registration. Increased examination of how companies use BOI (Base Oil Interchange) and VGRA (Viscosity Grade Read Across) guidelines and what type and number of program modifications were conducted.
  • Audits will be conducted on a routine basis for all registered products. They will be sampled in the marketplace, analysed, and compared with registration data. All companies must provide retail locations on application forms where the product can be purchased. Failed audits can result in removal of products from the registration list.
  • Cummins has published the recommended oil lists (CES20074, CES20076, CES20077, CES20078 and CES20086) on the QuickServe OnLine (QSOL) system. By logging into QSOL, customers will be able to verify which oils have the appropriate level of approval for their piece of equipment.

For more information and assistance, contact your local Cummins representative.

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