It takes a lot of experience to understand what’s going on in the field today, and as anyone who has worked in the construction industry knows, there’s no substitute for power. That’s why Cummins is the preferred engine supplier to leading construction and industrial equipment manufacturers. Cummins develops the right technology for each application, offering more responsive power delivery, a major reduction in noise and minimal maintenance requirements. The product range, spanning 40 hp to 1500 hp, includes electronic Quantum engines that meet stringent Tier III emissions standards, and also engines that meet the demand for clean, dependable power without the use of electronics. And every Cummins engine is backed by the best service support in the industry.

Cummins powerpacks

Cummins COMPAK and CPAK powerpacks feature market leading technology covering 75 hp to 950 hp. All Cummins powerpacks feature 50+deg C ambient cooling capability and can be configured to suit your specific application. Contact Cummins to find out how we can support you. Please select your area of interest from below to learn more. Download packaged products brochure

Cummins engines for construction