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Cummins Inc. is the world’s largest independent diesel engine manufacturer and is a major supplier to defense agencies around the world including the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and US government. Large numbers of Cummins-powered units are currently in active service, in a wide variety of equipment ranging from logistic trucks to heavy artillery.

Rapid deployment power

Peacekeeping, intervention and expeditionary operations are driving the demand for lighter, more mobile AFVs suitable for rapid deployment and all-terrain capability. Despite sophisticated protection and enhanced firepower, out in the field this new generation of AFVs will need to rely on speed and concealment to ensure survivability – utilizing the latest clean combustion technology offered by the Cummins engine range.

Logistic support power

Close support logistic vehicles perform an essential link for military operations, moving vital supplies, fuel and personnel to the front line. Recognising the need to improve the mobilityand reduce the vulnerability of these vehicles, latest designs feature improved protection and sophisticated drivelines.

Heavy duty combat power

Self-propelled heavy artillery vehicles such as the MLRS and the AS90 SPH have given field commanders dramatically enhanced firepower, with the ability to operate at long range with exceptional accuracy. A key design consideration is the ability to operate with rapid, easy movement across almost any terrain, displaying much of the mobility of a main battle tank.

Special purpose equipment

Military engineering equipment with the ability to perform rapid road clearing, logistics handling or airfield rebuilding exert an important influence on the speed and success of the overall operation. Peacekeeping operations now place higher than ever demands on equipment and are fully dependent on the ability of the engine to operate at peak performance for long periods.

Enhancing your vehicle

Cummins information products provide easy access to the engine management system for rapid diagnostics and data downloading, helping to ensure maximum uptime for vehicles.

Power for military equipment

The outstanding reliability of Cummins electronic technology has been well established for over 10 years in the most demanding applications operating under severe duty cycles.

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